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Welcome everybody to lost-civilizations.org!

In the daily life in the modern city society insisting on the importance of efficiency over individual desire, being pushed by works, family affairs, and various personal problems like health, having the chance to realize own hobbies and put time into them is indeed a fortune, and can refresh the mind for continuing the life in the harsh reality.

In my case, the main hobby are drawing pictures and making photos and collecting information about ancient humans. During the process, I need coming across with various materials, and fragments of life of people in the past was the most fascinating.

Similar to many people, I was also curious to miracle, unnatural rumors, and things that needed to be uncovered from childhood. Ancient lost civilizations are one of them.

Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus valley civilizations and more, there were so many unsolved mysteries even after investigations over past decades. There were so many stories, legends, ruins and artifacts, many truth had been shrouded in veil of mystery just everyone do not know anyone. These are the things that interested me most, and many others.

Due to many reasons, I cannot work in relative categories at the moment. At least, I would like to share few facts and information with all the others interested in them.

Feel free to leave any comment about this site.

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